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Sea trout died after being discharged in Malmö

Oil and dozens of marine trout were discovered on Tuesday at Bulltofta Waterworks. Photo: Bikingbettie /

aLja reached out this week in Risebergabäcken. Dozens of marine trout have been found dead and many more may have been affected. The cause of the spill is unknown.

The discovery took place Tuesday near the VA Syd facility in Bulltofta. The police suspect that someone poured oil into the water plant’s pipeline network. In addition to the oil, about ten Dead Sea trout with a size of 30-40 cm were found. The air spread and the need to decontaminate was evident. – It smelled very sharp! Maria Likander, from the Environmental Department in Malmö, says he is a fool who has poured too much oil, diesel or gasoline. VA Syd cleaned the area Wednesday by extending her boomerangs and absorbing oil. We call Christina Redholm, VA Syd’s talk, and ask about the situation today. “Now all the oil has been purified and no more dead fish have been found. It looks like it was diesel oil. The smell is now gone, so the decontamination went relatively well. However, we still don’t know what or who caused the release,” on Limit she said. The Environmental Department has released a report on a serious environmental crime and the police are now investigating the matter.

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Hans Hillman

Published: January 12, 2017