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Scotland is caught in a real fox cut – Eguriren

Scotland is caught in a real fox cut – Eguriren

Scotland goes to the polls on Thursday. Stands back The issue of freedom to focus on. The largest and ruling party, the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), promises a new referendum within two years. Formally, this is not something that the Scottish Parliament can decide for itself, and in the end, Edinburgh is also managed from London. But if the SNP wins a landslide victory in the Scottish elections, it will be difficult for the Tory government to ignore the demands.

Brexit is a bad idea. It is the fruit of one-eyed aggression nationalism and introspective protectionism confirmed by the Tory government that rules London. The SNP was one of the strongest voices against the ruling Scotland. Voters there and in Northern Ireland voted to stay in the EU, but margins in England and Wales gave victory to the exit side.

The Scottish National Party looks like an introverted nationalist program like Brexit, but the SNP has a center-right agenda, yet wants to develop Scotland-paying theories for UK protectionism. The SNP wants to talk about a Scottish welfare state of the “Nordic model” that is social liberal or social democratic, not just part of Europe and one corner of Great Britain. That is easy to say.

The Scots sit in a fox hole after Brexit. Having an open door to the EU with or without divorce from London is said to be difficult for all cross-country crossings south of the UK. The dissertation of independence may be simple, but in practice it should be an advanced acrobatic exercise so as not to lose on the other hand what you are getting at one end. In addition, there are strict UK defense policy aspects to consider and basic labor market policies.

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The Scottish stubbornness, however, serves as a useful reminder that the British are not driven by the narrow mindedness that excludes their neighbors in Europe.

Olof Jonmiren is a political teacher at Sodermanlands Nyheter (C).