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DAF introduces charging stations for electric vehicles

DAF introduces charging stations for electric vehicles

DAF trucks are introducing fully advanced solutions for charging batteries in other commercial electric vehicles, including industry-leading trucks such as LF Electric and CF Electric, and vans.

DAF trucks have a full range of standard charging stations with power levels ranging from 20 kW to 360 kW. In addition, there are mobile chargers with power ranges from 24 kW to 40 kW.

Charge classification for all electric vehicles

PACCAR chargers range from 20 kW to 50 kW, which can be used for a day by a truck, which can be charged in the evening or at night.

The 120 kW and 180 kW Packer chargers are designed for fast charging and are suitable for fleets of electric vehicles operating multiple lanes or shifts. The 180 kW charger can charge most truck types within three hours.

The most powerful version is the 350 kW Packer Charger: the fastest solution for charging within two hours at full rated power or for fast charging two vehicles at once.

Mobile chargers are suitable for roadside assistance and workshops that require maximum flexibility for the charging infrastructure.

Non-hassle communication

The integration between DAF’s electric trucks, charging hardware and network software is handled by DAF and its partners with ten years of experience in the advanced charging industry. If required, partners carry out site evaluations, energy modeling and technology installation on the client’s premises. They also do maintenance on charging equipment. This way there will be no problems in the communication between the trucks and the chargers.

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“Switching to electric vehicles is easy”

“To use electric trucks, you have to plan and run the business in a special way,” says Richard Zing, head of marketing and sales at DAF Trucks. “DAF makes the transition as easy as possible for customers. We always let them know that electric trucks are the most lucrative investment in everyday business. From today, we can also provide our customers with first-rate charging equipment so that they can achieve optimal integration between trucks and charging stations.”

Sold through DAF distributors and TRP stores, with a two-year warranty

You can buy PACCAR chargers from DAF distributors and TRP stores. The full range of charging stations for electric vehicles comes with a two-year warranty.

DAF Trucks N.V. – A subsidiary of PACCAR Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of heavy trucks – a leading manufacturer of light, medium and heavy trucks. DAF provides complete tractors and trucks to provide the right vehicle for every transportation use. DAF is a leading provider of services: Multi Support Repair and Maintenance Contracts, First Class Spare Parts Service through PACCAR Financial Financial Services and PACCAR Parts. In addition, DAF manufactures and manufactures components such as axles and engines for buses and bodybuilders worldwide. DAF Trucks NV has manufacturing facilities at Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Westerlo in Belgium, Leland in the United Kingdom and Ponta Croza in Brazil and at 1,100 dealers and service points inside and outside Europe.

Eindhoven on April 29, 2021

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