Sandbanks To Become “Britain’s Miami Beach” With £250 Million Mega Hotel Development

Plans to transform three hotels on the glamourous Sandbanks peninsula in Dorset into exclusive new mega hotels, holiday apartments and flats have been revealed.

The proposed £250 Million development will see a 200-year-old hotel bulldozed to pave the way for a new, extravagant five-star hotel on the beach.

Millionaires Playground: Sandbanks could soon be turned into ‘Britain’s Miami Beach’ with a new superhotel as part of a £250m development. Source: BBC

The proposed luxury 175-room establishment is set to replace the existing ‘Sandbanks Hotel’, a Victorian holiday destination that was built in the 1880’s. However, according to John Butterworth, MD of FJB Hotels, the once successful location ‘is coming to the end of it’s commercial life’.

In keeping with the Miami beach theme, the mega hotel will draw inspiration from the Art-Deco period with a white-washed facade and multiple palm trees to provide guests with a ‘South Beach’ feel.

To help fund the lavish development, nearby Harbour Heights Hotel will be demolished and turned into a 40-suite ‘aparthotel’.

South Beach: developers say current facilities are “sub-standard” and are looking to Florida for inspiration

Hotel boss Butterworth was matter-of-fact on the plans, “they’re going to have to come down eventually and at the moment it’s difficult to offer the public the facilities they rightly expect…we think the best solution is to build one huge hotel.”

The development has been masterminded by local property mogul Richard Carr, who is looking to take advantage of the growing luxury property market in the Dorset enclave.

Better days: the Harbour Heights Hotel could be demolished

“The new hotels will be state of the art and provide the facilities that anyone from anywhere in the world would be happy to receive” said Carr.

He argues the changing demographic in the area requires upgraded facilities, “Sandbanks has a high-class reputation and if people are going to stay there they expect facilities that they would get in top hotels in any major city in the world…if it doesn’t happen now it will have to happen in ten years time.”

Carr is no stranger to development in the South-West and started off purchasing disused warehouses in Bournemouth, gaining planning permission and selling for a significant profit to other developers for residential use. The operation snowballed and he moved on to larger sites including The Mariner’s Building in Poole and The Cadogan Hotel in Bournemouth.

The businessman had a reported £100 million in development pipeline in 2008, but following the financial crash his ventures Future 3000 plc and Ravine Lifestyle Limited both went into administration and Carr claimed he couldn’t afford a television, fridge or a sofa.

DMZ thinks the proposed plans for Sandbanks are long overdue.

The area was recently named the UK’s most expensive seaside town with a recent survey finding house prices have risen by a third in just 10 years. Further investment continues to pile into the region; boutique London developer Shape Real Estate has just finished the first phase of a huge £35m housing development, so creating a luxury hotel market appears a smart move at this point in the areas property cycle.

The application for planning permission has been officially lodged with Poole Council and property mogul Carr is hopeful for approval to be granted within nine months. As usual, DealMakerz will keep you updated on the deal.

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