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Samsung shows details in Android 12 - One UI 4

Samsung shows details in Android 12 – One UI 4

First and foremost, One UI 4, based on Android 12, means Samsung users can take advantage of the new design language that Google offers with Material You. This means that the entire system is color-coded in such a way that you as a user can adapt to your desires. In this way, the appearance can be unique to each user.

As for the widgets, Samsung has basically worked with the theme and made widgets, whether they come from Samsung itself or other apps, so they follow the same design rules. For example, the corners are rounded and you can choose the widgets you want on the home screen in a special widget list. Additionally, Samsung mentions that all icons are now categorized if you select them so that they are darker and more comfortable when looking at them in dark mode.

Movies shown in a floating window frame by frame are now free to resize and you should also be able to change where the audio plays from a widget on the home screen or directly from the lock screen. One UI 4 also updates vibration feedback, animations, and sounds, so it’s not just about purely visuals. In general, however, it can be said that One UI 4 is a rather modest update that you as a user will not necessarily notice.

Of course, Samsung also takes advantage of the news that Google generally gives in Android 12, such as that apps have to notify you when they have access to your camera or microphone. You see it in the top corner with a green signal. Position, you can choose to share with apps either completely or by only letting the app in question see your approximate location instead.

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At the same time that Samsung releases One UI 4 for mobile phones, it is also introducing One UI Book 4, for Windows, which means that Samsung computers will be more similar to phones in terms of interface, even if they run on different operating systems.

Samsung’s beta testing of One UI 4 and Android 12 was available to users in China, South Korea, Germany, Poland, India, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and then only on a handful of devices. The Sharp version is expected to launch in December, but Samsung has not confirmed when.