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En medelålders kvinna sitter framåtlutad och pratar med en äldre man i en fåtölj.

Review: “The Father” with Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman – Culturenet at P1

Title: the father
Director: Florian Zeller
Without much effort: Florian Zeller and Christopher Hampton after Zeller’s play.
Participants: Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman, Imogen Potts M. Phil.
It can be seen: Curriculum Vitae
Type: drama
rank: 4 of 5

The movie “Father” does something magical. The boundary between screen and salon is dissolved. Reality shakes until I, as a spectator, become unsure of what is really going on. Who is healthy, who is sick, who is telling the truth, and who is confused?

The stadium is a ground for good taste In London, bookshelves from floor to ceiling, here lives a well-dressed old man. But did they change the tiles in the kitchen between scenes? It’s weird? Why chicken for dinner every day?

In literature, people usually talk about an unreliable narrator. Here we have a screenwriter and director who lets us share the dementia experience. But motion pictures can’t lie, or can they?

The main role is arrogant Anthony is brutally joking, played by the brilliant Anthony Hopkins. He and the character share a name and date of birth, December 31, 1937. Just an interesting play with reality.

Created by his daughter Anne, Olivia Colman is brilliantly sensitive in her care and angered when a father is completely impossible. She manages to get the full range from a tolerant nurse, and a desperate daughter to a grumpy, helpless caregiver.

It is noticeable that the French Playwright Florian Zeller wrote “The Father” of the theatre, a room play with movable walls.

As a movie, it raises another level and gives a unique experience of the sloping planes and distorting mirrors in the uncomfortable houses of the crazy house. So don’t miss out on this wonderfully made movie.

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