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George Clooney turned down $35 million |  Movie Zen

George Clooney turned down $35 million | Movie Zen

In an interview, George Clooney explains why he once turned down $35 million for a party. He and his wife did not feel that they needed the money.

Not everything can be bought for money. NS Watchman George Clooney explained why he refused to do a commercial and his salary was $35 million – for just one day’s work. The Oscar winner explains:

– She offered me $35 million for an airline commercial, and it was a one-day business. But I spoke to Amal [Clooney, hustrun] About it and we decided that it is not worth it. The declaration was of a state sometimes questionable in its judgment. We decided it was not worth being associated with the country through advertisements if you lost even a minute of sleep because of their way of governing.

The country in question does not appear in the interview. Clooney further says in the interview that he no longer really needed to work as an actor and that there weren’t enough attractive roles for him. He and Ms. Amal spoke about the future this summer when he turned 60.

I can still jump pretty well and we both love what we do. But we have to make sure we don’t overbook. We must make sure that we live our lives.

There is no need for a Clooney family. For commercials with Nespresso, he earned $40 million and the tequila company he owned was sold for nearly $1 billion.

The Hollywood star hasn’t made a movie since 2016, but he directed himself in the Netflix drama “The Midnight Sky” last year. Next year he will play against Julia Roberts among others in the romantic comedy “Ticket to Heaven”. Moreover, he revealed that he will be in UK next summer to shoot a movie with Brad Pitt, what kind of movie is not yet clear.
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