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Pixars film "Luca" utspelar sig i Italien.

Review: Animated film Luca from Pixar – Kulturnytt at P1

nickname: Luca
exit: Enrico Casarosa
the actor: Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer, Maya Rudolph, M.
can be viewed on: Disney +
rank: 3 of 5

Pixar has already explored the feelings inside you, what happens to your toys when you leave the room and where the monsters in your closet go when mom and dad reluctantly go looking.

“Luca” isn’t as ambitious as “Inside Out,” “Toy Story,” or “Monsters Inc.”

It’s warm A short story about two boys in an Italian village who want to win Vespa and go far under the endless summer sky. That boys are actually sea monsters who turn into boys when they emerge from the sea is not at all as revolutionary as it sounds.

What the viewer gets is this:

Uh! Italian, Italian, Italian…

picturesque detached houses, Fishermen in small steamboats, espresso in the moonlight, narrow alleys and impossibly beautiful green mountains.

Sea monsters seem like an excuse to swim in everything that makes Italy Italy, but the animation is beautiful as usual and the story is warm and thought provoking. in small.

Luca is the perfect person Pixar movie for you, after years of pandemic need you to dream away and at the same time get a warm little story about friendship and dreams.

But it is not a story for you who yearns for more.

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