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Rediscovering the tiger-spotted river fish – Nature Page

Rediscovering the tiger-spotted river fish – Nature Page

Spotted carp Luciobarbus subquincunciatus It was rediscovered with the English name Leopard Barbel in Türkiye. There were fears of the extinction of this species because it had not been documented since 2011. The team that discovered the leopard fish, as it is called in Swedish, also rediscovered the green fish. Parachistora chrysicristinae 2021 in southeastern Türkiye.

– Nothing beats the feeling of discovering that a species that was pushed to the brink of extinction is still persevering, despite the difficulties. It's more exciting than discovering a new species because it means we can give rare species a second chance. With both Parachistora chrysicristinae “Now, we have a commitment to mobilize cheetah conservation efforts, to ensure that none are lost again,” says Kuneyt Kaya, an associate professor at Recep Tayyip Erdogan University and a member of the expedition team.

Local residents must be involved

In the past, tiger thorns were widespread in the Euphrates and Tigris rivers in eastern Turkey, eastern Syria, Iran and Iraq. However, due to fishing, habitat destruction, emissions and dam construction, this species has come close to extinction.

The researchers responsible for the documentation will then hold a series of seminars for fishermen and educators in the area to build pride in the rivers and their wildlife. They also hope to use the rediscovery as a case study for protecting the Tigris River and its rich biodiversity. They also hope to gain a better understanding of how many individuals of the leopard pronghorn may still remain and where they are still found in their historical range.

Leopard Barb.

Freshwater fish are severely affected

In November 2023, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) released an updated assessment of freshwater fishes worldwide. They found that dams and water extraction put 45% of all threatened freshwater fish at risk of extinction. A new pond is now being built near the spot where the cheetah finds were made.

Freshwater ecosystems play a huge role in maintaining the overall health of our planet. Addressing threats and protecting the biodiversity that supports these ecosystems is critical to resolving the climate crisis and biodiversity loss, which is crucial to human well-being. “We hope that the rediscovery of the tiger stickleback will serve as an inspiring catalyst for future efforts to conserve freshwater biodiversity in this region,” said Harmony Patricio, director of the US Freshwater Fish Conservation Program. Re: wilderness And Shallow water.

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