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IVO is commissioned to strengthen work to prevent welfare crimes

IVO is commissioned to strengthen work to prevent welfare crimes

The Welfare and Welfare Inspectorate (IVO) has the important task of preventing and combating welfare crime in the field of care and health care. The Government intends to give IVO two new mandates to strengthen the capacity to act against the presence of unscrupulous actors in health, medical and dental care and care through supervision and licensing.

Rogue and criminal actors are emerging in more and more industries within the social care sector. There is plenty of evidence that these attacks are becoming more systematic and advanced, and in some cases even cross-platform. Crime must be fought with the collective power of the entire community.

The government is determined to stifle the criminal economy. An important step in this work is to give IVO and other authorities the right conditions to fight rogue and criminal actors in social care. People who do the right thing should be able to trust that their tax money is going to what it is intended for and not ending up in the pockets of criminals, says Seniors and Social Security Minister Anna Tingey.

-Criminal and unscrupulous actors do not belong in healthcare. IVO has an important mission in this area, and the government is now working to strengthen the agency's capabilities to prevent and combat welfare crimes and the presence of unscrupulous actors, says Healthcare Minister Ako Ankarberg Johansson.

Two new IVO missions will strengthen work against welfare crime

Against the backdrop of the evolving presence of rogue and criminal actors in the social care sector, the Government intends to grant IVO two mandates to strengthen the agency's work in preventing and combating social care crime and the presence of rogue actors. One task relates to welfare crimes in care and the other relates to welfare crimes in health and dental care. The tasks mean that IVO must develop its ability to identify, supervise and act against non-serious or criminal actors.

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Within the framework of the task on welfare crimes in care, the IVO must also describe how the authority can develop and take measures that contribute to the action of municipalities against welfare crimes. Within the mandate of welfare crime in health and dental care, the IVO must also identify whether there is a need for increased support at a national level to combat welfare crime and, if so, describe what this support might look like.

The tasks must be carried out in cooperation with the Norwegian Police Agency, the Environmental Crime Agency, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and other authorities involved in anti-organised crime work. Both missions must continue during the period 2024-2026 and the final report will be submitted to the Ministry of Social Affairs no later than 31 January 2027. IVO may use SEK 7 million for each mission during 2024.