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Ramaskri vs Åsa Vesterlund - Shop diet powder on Instagram

Ramaskri vs Åsa Vesterlund – Shop diet powder on Instagram

Actress and Model Åsa Vesterlund In “Swedish Hollywood Wives”, where she quickly became one of the most talked about names.

she and Gunella Pearson They faced extra difficulty for each other, and during Jubilee Season Gunilla even referred to Åsa as a monster.

In March of last year, TV3 decided to close the program and since then it has been relatively quiet on Åsa’s part.

“big help”

But her latest Instagram post made followers look red. In the video, she’s sitting in a restaurant and orders a pizza she’s pouring light powder on.

In the caption, she explains that the product can be sprinkled on food to block carbohydrates and fats, and thus reduce calorie content.

“I myself hate losing weight, exercising and trying to eat healthy, but on days when you don’t want to eat healthy, this is a great and effective tool,” she wrote on Instagram.

Followers looked red

The comment field was filled with angry followers, who believed the call was unnecessary and inappropriate.

One follower wrote: “This is only leading people astray. Please stop demonizing the food and nutrients we need to survive. This is totally sick.”

“The promotion is entirely up to you, but I am so sick of you constantly fed up with a fat comb. The message is always to take this, do it and do it and focus on the weight.. No wonder people feel they are never as good as it is,” writes another .

He responds with a fun post

But Åsa seems to be taking the criticism calmly.

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She’s responding to the storm of hate with a terrifying instastory upload aimed at those who don’t want to use diet powder.

Photo: Instagram / asavesterlund

Åsa wrote on Instagram and continues, “Here are the negative comments they don’t want to lose weight, don’t worry there’s a new sugar-based product on the way just for you.”

“This amazing product is designed to make your butt voluminous, just sprinkle it on your food and BOOM and you’ll be on your way to the store for a bigger pair of jeans.”

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