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Now Microsoft is canceling passwords - Voister

Now Microsoft is canceling passwords – Voister

– A password-free user account reduces the risks of phishing and password attacks, it says when you click as a user to delete the password for your Microsoft account.

– You have increased the security of your account and improved the way you log in, by deleting your password, says the service upon completion.

weak and annoying

For two years now, Microsoft has been referring to weak passwords, which are easily forgotten by the user, and which are relatively easy for hackers to crack. Since March, corporate customers can use the service, which is now free for everyone.

According to Microsoft, nearly 100 percent of employees in their company use the service.

– It is very difficult to generate passwords and remember which platform has a password. There is an expectation that we will create complex, unique passwords, remember them and change them often, but no one likes to do that, wrote Vasu Jakkal, VP of Security at Microsoft.

Fingerprint login

To access Microsoft services on a computer, enter the PIN code of your choice. By connecting your phone to your computer, you are asked to authenticate your phone using your fingerprint or facial recognition. In the event that the specified phone has disappeared, there are backup ways to log in, for example via email codes.

It’s a very brave move from Microsoft. It’s not just about logging into your computer, but it also means accessing important services and databases in the cloud, says Alan Woodward, a professor at the University of Surrey and part of the research team researching password-free forms of authentication.

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Source: BBC