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Quidditch grows as an illegal sport |  MovieZine

Quidditch grows as an illegal sport | MovieZine

British Potter fans aren't the only ones at the Quidditch pitch. 25 countries around the world already have active teams and players are counted together 20,000 practitioners. The World Cup has been going on for years, so why be so quiet about it? Jack Lennard, the promoter of the UK Quidditch Premier League, hopes the tournament will lead to Quidditch being recognized as a real sport.

– The Quidditch Premiere League is an exciting development. This means that the sport can grow and gain a higher reputation. It is also an opportunity for its players to compete at the highest level. And perhaps most importantly, more people in more places will open their eyes to this wonderful sport.

But how does that happen?I wonder who has not seen this phenomenon outside the special effects of movies with a magic broom and a plane. Muggle Quidditch was invented at a university in Vermont in 2005 by students. Players must run with the broom between their legs. The hook consists of a flying ball that is slightly inflated so that it fits between the pursuers. Batsmen attempt to hit opponents with two foam rubber balls. Researchers chase an unbiased person with a tennis ball hanging from a sock attached like a tail to the pants of a Kvikken runner.

Even on the field

The UK Quidditch Premiere League is adding a gender quota to ensure the sport continues to be inclusive for all while competing on the pitch. Of the seven team players, there may be no more than four players of the same gender. Eight teams from across the UK will compete against each other in the tournament between May and August 2017.

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In Sweden, Quidditch does not seem to have really flourished, while neighboring Finland has already participated in the World Championships. Perhaps the growing trend in England and the United States may inspire the Swede to dare to show his obsessive love for the world of Potter and pioneer the game of Quidditch to become as obvious as football. How magical wouldn't that be?

How do you feel about this type of Quidditch game? Have you ever tried that?