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Queen Elizabeth can leave the throne to Charles

Queen Elizabeth can leave the throne to Charles

Despite the fact that for several years she was over 90, Queen Elizabeth did not want to entrust the throne to her son, Prince Charles.

But court journalists believe she is now nearing the magic limit as she is ready to cede power to her eldest son.

– I still have a strong belief that when the Queen turns 95, she will step aside, court reporter Robert Jobson tells True Royal TV, which daily Mail Wrote about.

Charles could become king at the age of 72

The Queen, who was crowned 27 years old on June 2, 1953, will turn 95 years old on April 21 of next year.

In theory, this would have meant that Prince Charles could formally ascend the throne after six months and become King of Britain at the age of 72.

I don’t think she wants it, but she’ll actually get to the point where she hands everything over to Charles and how can you then look into your son’s eye and tell him he’s not going to be king? Says court reporter Jack Royston to page six.

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