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Putin wants to review all history textbooks

Putin wants to review all history textbooks

I can still open a textbook and look in amazement at what is written there. As if it’s not about us (in the Russian editor’s note). Who writes and who passes this type of educational assistance? Putin said earlier this week that this was surprising. According to the Russian edition of Forbes.

The answer to his last question is: Sergey Kravtsov, head of the Ministry of Education. He has now promised to review educational materials.

Kravtsov promised on Russia’s state TV Channel 1 on Sunday, “We will do a full analysis of all textbooks in history.”

Among other things, Putin lacks descriptions From the Battle of Stalingrad She says the history books contain excerpts from “The Second Front”, a Russian-American fictional film about World War II from 2005, which scored 4.0 out of 10 on the film site Imdb.

It was approved last March The Ministry of Education new textbooks in history. The editor behind the project was a Putin employee called Vladimir Medinsky.

According to Forbes, he himself previously said, “It is important that the content of textbooks be examined by reliable researchers who take into account the interests of our country because history textbooks shape people’s personalities during school years.”

Writing the history of WWII is a very topical topic in Russia and it has been for several years. In 2019, Putin made a series of statements that were interpreted by the outside world as an attempt to launder the history of the Soviet Union and dictator Stalin’s cooperation with Hitler between 1939-1941. During a speech before the Russian Ministry of Defense, Putin suddenly claimed that Poland was in fact allied with Hitler. He also said that Poland She tried to tarnish the image of the USSR, which DN had previously reported. The remarks have received heavy criticism from leaders and historians around the world.

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Peace Day of World War II is usually celebrated in Moscow with military parades and speeches to the nation from the president.

In March of this year, the Russian Doman adopted one A new law could place millions in fines on anyone who insults a WWII veteran.

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