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Get WC Qualifiers from Section 5 - Thanks for the rule change: "Really Fun"

Get WC Qualifiers from Section 5 – Thanks for the rule change: “Really Fun”

Jimmy Peters (white) will soon leave Arvica to play in the World Cup qualifiers with the Netherlands.

Photo: Eleanor Thureson

Jimmy Peters from Arvica IBF and Rindert van Dijk from Munkfors IBK have been selected for the Dutch national team that will play in the World Cup qualifiers in February.

– It’s very exciting, says Peters.

Thanks to the International Floorball Association changing the rules for national team sports, two Wormland players now have the opportunity to play in the Dutch national team playing in the World Cup qualifiers against Finland, Estonia and Great Britain.

It’s about Jim Peters, a Division 2 player, Arvica, and Rinderd van Dijk, a resident of Division 5 Club Monkforce.

Previously, players born outside the Netherlands required parents of Dutch citizenship to qualify for the national team, but that rule has now been removed.

It is enough to have parents born in the country now.

For Jimmy Peters and Rindert von Dijk, it is now featured on “Orange”.

– It will be so much fun. I didn’t think much about the national team until four years ago when they asked me to check the situation. The league captain thought about my last name, but since then I have not heard anything, and until now their father Peters from Rotterdam says they have changed the rules.

What do you think about your chances in the qualifying rounds?

– Finland will probably be a little harder. I have a little bit of bad control over the other layers if I am completely honest. In the previous qualifying rounds we met Estonia and lost 1-9, but from what I understand we resisted for a long time, but lost in the third period. I think both Estonia and Great Britain can provide competition.

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Born and raised in Arvica, 21-year-old Peters sees national team competition as a visual object to take the next step in his life.

– I will try to make the best contribution, then we will see what happens. I do not expect big actions, but will not refuse to play SSL or any other genre in the future.

In all, national team captain Eric de Groote has selected five Swedish players with Netherlands backgrounds for the World Cup qualifiers.

Two of them grew up in Wormland.

– It’s nice to have someone on the team who can speak the same language as you, and then the national team leader who lives in Sweden can also speak Swedish. I was not allowed to learn Dutch when I was young, but it would have been fun to know.

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