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Protect your accounts and get better security without passwords

Protect your accounts and get better security without passwords

Safer online without passwords

a question: What can I do to protect myself from scammers who want to access my accounts?

Eric Morner replies: First of all, I advise you to enable two-factor authentication. They are offered by all the major services out there, such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and so on. This simply means that when you log in from a new device, you not only have to enter your password, but you also have to confirm that it’s you who is logging in using, say, a one-time code sent to a trusted device you’re logged into with ex. This is a good protection, although it is not 100% safe. They can also use an authenticator app. Microsoft and Google have devices you can use.

The safest option is to use what’s called a security key, but Google has limited support for that, and Apple requires your device to have iOS 16.3 or later, so when I tested it was fine at cutting me off my own accounts because it was to keep hackers at a safe distance. Good idea, but it is not yet ripe.

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