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Project: Britain thus mourns Prince Philip


Prince Philip of Britain dies

The plan is called “Operation Four Bridge.”

British court experts say it is carefully planned how Prince Philip will now be honored in Britain.

Everything from a military parade to a funeral is in minutes.

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The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, passed away on Friday at the age of 99.

“The family will join people around the world to mourn Duke’s death,” Buckingham Palace said in an official statement.

According to British court experts, arrangements for how the prince will be honored in recent times, given Duke’s advanced age.

Contains different code names

One member of the royal family has a specific code in the plan for the past few days, among others The Guardian reports. A few days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the plan was called “London Bridge is down” and the current plan for her husband was called “Operation Fort Bridge”.

Within minutes, Prime Minister Boris Johnson honored Prince Philip with a brief statement outside 10 Downing Street within minutes of his announcement from the court.

Do not want a big funeral

What the tribute will look like is now fully planned. At this time we know:

  • At Buckingham Palace, the flags are now waving half-mast. At the gates, staff put up plaques with a report of the prince’s death.

  • The queen will now, according to the Daily Mail, enter an eight-day “period of mourning”, during which time she will not be seen in public. No new laws will be passed in the UK. This was followed by a 30-day official state mourning period for the Queen without any public confirmation.

  • Since the Duke is the wife of a prince, she is entitled to a state funeral. But the prince is said to have said that he did not need any big “fuss”. This fact, coupled with coronary restrictions in the UK, many experts estimate will be a much smaller funeral than any other royalty expiration. According to the British media, this will take place in St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, the same church where Megan Markle and Prince Harry were married in 2018. Duke also wanted to be buried in Windsor, in the gardens of Frockmore.

  • If a king or consort dies in Britain for such a person, the so-called “Lit de Parade” is an exhibition to pay public homage to the deceased. This was done, for example, when Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, died in 2002. But Prince Philip is said to have refused a small procession, so the coffin will not be shown to the public.

  • ABC News reports that a military parade will be held in his memory as the prince served in the Navy. However, due to corona restrictions in the UK, the parade will be held in small format and will have a maximum of 30 guests.

  • Queen Elizabeth II is expected to release a television report to the nation in the coming days.

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Sky News reports that on Friday 17 British time, British politicians will be planning details of the tribute and the funeral of Prince Philip.

Photo: British Royal Family

“It is with great sadness that Her Majesty the Queen has announced the death of her beloved husband, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, Royal Highness,” the British court wrote on Twitter.

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