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Prince William about grandfather Philip: "Be extraordinary"

Prince William about grandfather Philip: “Be extraordinary”

Britain is mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth’s wife, Prince Philip, last Friday at the age of 99.

His grandson Prince William, 38, has now written a statement about the loss.

“Marked by my grandfather’s many centuries of service – to his country and to the British Commonwealth, to his wife Queen and to our family”, Writes William, who was also named Duke of Cambridge.

“His cunning grandfather”

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, played an important role in the lives of Williams’ children.

“My children will never take special memories of their grandfather. He took them in his cart and gave them the infectious option of adventure and cunning humor.”, He writes According to The Sun..

The Duke of Cambridge writes that he was delighted to meet his wife, Kate Middleton Philip, and that he was “an extraordinary man” from an “extraordinary generation.”

“I will lose my grandfather.”

Harry wrote a brief statement

Then on Monday, Williams’ brother Harry issued a statement:

“My grandfather was a man of service, respect and excellent humor. He was a real genius, and he could delight any room with his charm, and you never know what to say.”

“He was a rock to the Queen with incomparable fidelity to the duty he had by his side for 73 years.”

Harry writes that Philip is certainly a prince and Duke, but for him he is mostly a grandfather.

“He was my grandfather: a naughty master of grilling, comedy legends and finally”

The relationship between Philip and Harry was frozen after Harry moved out of Britain and gave up most of his royal duties.

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But he will travel from the United States to the United Kingdom to attend Phillips’ funeral on April 17.

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