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Katherine Marial: The British are happy to be shivering with a beer again - but soon they demand more answers

Katherine Marial: The British are happy to be shivering with a beer again – but soon they demand more answers

If a few people at the airport at 06.45am and stubbornly drink beer, many of us think they must be British.

Of course, that doesn’t have to be true. This is one of those national templates. But in any case, in 2018 the British government actually appointed an inquiry into the incident.

The airlines complained.

Today, the British Iron Option has been tested to sit on any occasion in a new environment and eat a beer. For more than three months, shops, gyms, hairdressers and above all, pubs’ outdoor cafes have opened their doors in England and Wales.

The UK has been vaccinated 32 million people and community will now start opening. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last week that he wanted to cut his hair (yes, it does happen sometimes) to have a beer this Monday. Many Britons had been looking forward to that day for weeks.

However, one of two unexpected things happened: Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, died. Britain went into official national mourning on Friday after Boris Johnson had to cancel his beer.

This is no longer considered appropriate.

Then the weather hit. Last Monday this Monday was over 20 degrees hot around London. This year, southeastern England raised the temperature to three plus degrees.

– Apple blossoms falling from the tree, my children were surprised

I had to tell them hail.

Opened in Newcastle Already at midnight two pubs and people roared and went there. A pub owner in Durham, who thought he was smart enough to set up colorful beach huts in the pub garden, was told they were out of strict control. You can eat and drink outside: The police announced that a beach cottage was not outside.

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An hour northeast of London in the small town of Bishops Stordford, the two groups were very cohesive outside a pub called The Dog’s Head after lunch. The happy children ate cakes on a bench, and some retirees (a group that is now almost vaccinated) drank beer mixed with lemon outside a restaurant. As the intensity of the sunlight increased in the afternoon, it slowly became crowded.

But the only place that had a row outside was the local barber shop.

More than half of all Britons According to the British Central Bureau of Statistics (ONS), Covid-19 is now estimated to have antibodies. As of December, the figure was only 13 percent. No wonder the government is starting to open up the country. But voices are beginning to rise that it is happening too slowly.

The politically right-wing The Spectator newspaper complained loudly to its latest editor-in-chief. A few months ago, the government promised that life around Easter would return to normal.

But life did not return to normal at Easter.

Now, by contrast, it looks like there will be various Govt restrictions in the UK at least until June 21st. Why, the viewer wonders? The vaccine has been more successful than expected and the infection has dropped: now less than 3,000 people are being treated for Covit-19 in British hospitals.

It is a country of 66 million people.

Boris Johnson’s rhetoric is undeniably cautious. He urges people to take responsibility. There is a great deal of fear about new mutations from abroad, and it is not clear what will be required to go abroad this summer. The issue of vaccine passport is also hotly debated. Do you have to present some kind of evidence that you have been vaccinated, for example, go to a concert or a nightclub?

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“The cavalry is coming!” Boris Johnson said successfully about the vaccine a few months ago. The government now seems to have realized that the cavalry has left behind many difficult political questions.

Yes, this Monday the British people were very happy to be shivering with a beer in an outdoor cafe again. But in the end they will demand more answers.

What should this new nature be like after vaccination?