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Preview of the World Cup for Field Riders

Preview of the World Cup for Field Riders

– It’s clear that going there and feeling at the competition is something extra, says the national team captain Fredrik Bergendorff To SvRF’s website.

He points out that this is a long trip to Italy and that it is a good opportunity to plan for the World Cup series as well.

Five riders go to Pradoni, four of whom will be part of the team. If it is clear what horses are going with it will be decided who it is.

Sophia Sjobork He was a star player at the European Championships in Avens, Switzerland last year. Brijamolka from Marianshof Z. (Belle) individually finished a good thirteenth. Belle will gain confidence in Predoni. Sofia herself goes to five-star badminton next week with veterans Mighty Dwight. It will be the band’s second five-star start, as they finished Fontainebleau last fall.
– Frederick Berkendorf says doing something bigger than the championship is a very valuable experience for both riders and horses.

At the World Cup, dressage and jumping will be five stars, while the terrain is ridden at an advanced four star level. To qualify for the World Cup, the team must have completed a long four-star match with approved results.

Christopher Forsberg And Aminda Ingulpson Recently each had a four-star success on the Polish streak, with Christopher in the long four-star class and Amina in the short.

In Stroke, seventy percent of all four-star horses were on the right side of the dress

Frederick admitted that he was a little confused about the dressage results at the start of the season.
– We have had great winter training, and I expected many others to get better results, and now it seems a little loose, he says.
– In Stroke, Frederick says it’s good because all four star horses are seventy percent right.

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Sarah Alcotson Ostold And Malin JosephsonBoth Qualifying Championship riders are with Predoni.

Some riders have more horses to choose from and the team decides in days who will go to the race.
– It is clear that we want to get the best teams in the Nations Cup squad, but the season for horses related to the World Cup fits in with the vision of the championship, says Friedrich Berkendorf.

For horses that are suitable for the upcoming Olympics, the plan is even longer, as more teams will be suitable for the upcoming Nations Cup rounds.

– We have a total of 25 horses, which go into the four-star class, so there are good opportunities for riders who are interested and want to go to different competition venues to ride in some Nations Cup, says Friedrich Berkendorf. Finally open the door to the national team.

The next round of the Nations Cup will take place on May 26-29 at Houghton Hall in England.
– We plan to launch UK – based Swedish riders there, says Friedrich Berkendorf.

Predoni del Vivaro 12-15 May
Initial project:
Wednesday 14-16 – Horse inspection
Thursday-Friday from kl. 9.30 – Clothing
Saturday 10.30am – Landscape
Sunday 8.30am – Horse inspection, 11.00am – Jumping