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"Always have equipment in the car" - Sports -

“Always have equipment in the car” – Sports –

Anaheim had to call in an emergency goalkeeper in the final period against Dallas due to double injuries to the goalkeepers. Tom Hodges, who last competed in the EHCL in the 2016-17 season, jumped between the ranks.

We’ve seen it a few times before, and it was time again last night. A completely untested card is required to defend a goal in an NHL game.

Injuries to goalkeepers John Gibson and Anthony Stolers have forced Anaheim to rely on Tom Hodges in the final stages of the regular season.

Born in England, Hodges played his last game in the ECHL season 2016-17, but now he has a full season in the NHL.

– It was unclear for a while but got the news that I would be playing. I was never as nervous as I was then.

– I have never acted in front of such a large audience. “This is a unique opportunity that I will remember for the rest of my life,” Hodges, 28, told a news conference.

The goalkeeper saved two of the three shots scored by Dallas. Anaheim lost 2-4.

– Going from the stand to play the third period in 30 minutes is interesting. I always keep my equipment in the car on competition days. He says it took a while to get to the car, but at the same time I got a little warm-up.

Tom Hodges to play an NHL season.

Photo: Jerome Miron-USA Today Sports

The injury put an end to the professional dream

During the press conference, Hodges said he would share the role of emergency goalkeeper with another player. This time it’s Hodge’s turn to be in the arena. Normally he would have a civil job.

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– I sell life insurance, if anyone needs it, tell me, he says with a laugh.

Like many, Hodges dreamed of becoming an NHL player in his youth. However, an injury turned professional life into a nightmare.

– When I was twelve years old, I lost the sight of my left eye, and then it became impossible. A few years later, I thought I should resume my career in an amateur series.

– Then I met a goalkeeping coach at ECHL, where I started training. I train here now because the goalkeeper needs a day off, he says.

Image Source: Viaplay