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Cross sports includes a tower and a toilet

Cross sports includes a tower and a toilet

Enköping municipality invests in Korsängen. To facilitate exercise, new changing rooms are being built.

  • Posted 11:12, November 17, 2021

We are very happy that it will happen.

On Tuesday 16 November, the Inköping Expertise Committee decided to construct a new changing room, speaker tower and overhead platform in Korsängsfältet. The decision was made after a feasibility study. The project was commissioned by the Technical Committee at a cost of a maximum of SEK 20 million.

– We are very happy that it happened, says Lacey Hedstrom, president of the ESK Youth Club.

high activity

The crib field and the associated football and rugby as well as softball and baseball fields today have a high rate of use for matches and training. However, there is no possibility to change the toilet or visit it in connection with the plans. For sports grounds closest to the gymnasium, changing rooms are made in their premises if there is space. Even today, the occupancy rate of the gymnasium buildings is large compared to the activities performed in the building. In addition, the distance from the far part of Korsängsfältet to Idrottshuset is too long to be used in
The appropriate way of club life during matches and training.

Far from the toilet

The lack of toilets means that practitioners and the public have to make ends meet
about plans. This particularly affects children and young adults.

Lasse Hedström hopes to have a new changing room ready by the 2023 season. The youth football situation is now not optimal when it comes to changing rooms and toilets.

– You have to run to the gym and wish it were open. Just because we booked a plane it is not certain that we got a changing room. It’s not great, says Lacey Hedstrom.

The loudspeaker tower in Rugby Arena was burned down several years ago and the temporary solution that exists does not comply with the existing requirements to fully conduct on-site activities. Now it was decided to build a new tower with a booth at the bottom. Torbjörn “Hästen” Johansson, Enköping rugby club, ERK, says the club has been trying to get a new tower for a long time.

– Now it finally comes to that, he says.

Hope in the International

The new construction of the speaker tower is a direct prerequisite for the continuation of elite activities in various forms.

– We can have the opportunity to arrange international matches. In recent years, international matches have been held in Norrköping, says Torbjorn “Hästen” Johansson.

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