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"Pre-booked Steam Deck will be delivered in February"

“Pre-booked Steam Deck will be delivered in February”

Playing on the go has long been synonymous with Nintendo mobile phones or game consoles, although laptops have had a few followers. After months of rumors, Valve picked up the big drum this summer to announce Steam Deck. With Linux-based Steam OS 3.0, the Proton Compatibility Layer, and AMD’s powerful signed hardware format, Steam’s large library of games will be available for viewing anywhere.

Interest in Steam Deck was surprisingly high and when Valve opened up to pre-bookings, the site didn’t stand the test of time. It promised deliveries until December 2021 for those who ended up first in the queue, which was later halted by a shortage of components. In November, the company announced that the launch would be delayed by two months, with first deliveries to February. Updated now Valve . Blog He declares that the plans are firm.

First of all, we’re on our way to launching Steam Deck on time. Despite the pandemic and problems with suppliers and deliveries, it looks like we’ll be able to send out units at the end of February.[…]

At the same time, work is underway on Steam Deck Verified. Soon you’ll be able to see a growing selection of games that have been verified by Deck. We control four main categories: input, non-friction, screen support and system.[…]

It is also important that we give developers the opportunity to test their games for success in verification, which is why we sent a lot of developer groups. We’ve adopted a new batch of developer groups, and hundreds have been submitted in the last month (and we continue to approve and send more). Thanks for your patience, developers! – valve

Those who pre-booked will likely get the Steam Deck bundle at the end of February, while subsequent queues will likely have to wait until early spring. Obviously many queues and In the online store can be read Buying Steam Deck today means delivery “sometime after the second quarter,” in six months at best.

In addition to an update on accessibility, Valve announces that it is working in full swing to verify how well mobile device consoles and other features are working in games, something that should be communicated via verification. According to the post, Valve has also sent out hundreds of developer packs, which game developers can use to produce titles that pass Steam Deck verification. Finally, some of the first units produced are done in front of the camera, the ones that are now undergoing testing at Valve.

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