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Powerful results for mouth guards to reduce spread

Powerful results for mouth guards to reduce spread

The study included nearly 342,000 adults in 600 villages in Bangladesh. In about half of the villages, between November 2020 and April 2021, a campaign to wear a mouthguard was implemented.

The demand relates to schools, workplaces, shopping malls, religious sites and other enclosed spaces, according to the international research organization Innovations for Poverty (Innovations for Poverty). IPA ).

The conclusion is that a threefold increase in the use of oral protection – from 13.3 to 42.3 percent – resulted in a 9.3 percent decrease in the prevalence of infection among adults in villages where interventions in favor of oral protection were implemented.

Researchers at the American universities of Yale, Stanford and Berkeley, as well as the IPA, are behind the randomized controlled trial.

In Sweden and globally, debate has raged over whether oral protection is an effective measure against COVID-19 or whether users have been lulled into the wrong safety with an increased risk of spreading infection.

The extent to which mouth protection affects different situations can vary, but this study clearly shows the potential also in countries other than Bangladesh, Uppsala University epidemiologist Tove Val tells SVT News.

Swedish Public Health Agency It is still considered that “the widespread and general use of mouth guards in society is unjustified”.

Facts: FHM about mouth protection

according to Swedish Public Health Agency (FHM), knowledge is still limited regarding the impact of oral protection use on the spread of COVID-19.

According to the European Society for the Control of Infectious Diseases (ECDC), mouth protection has a small or medium-sized effect on the spread of infection. The Center stresses that there is a lack of qualitative studies to enable a more comprehensive assessment.

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Based on available scientific reports and collections of knowledge from specialized international authorities, FHM has decided when, in addition to health and care, it may be beneficial to use oral protection. An example of this is on public transportation if the infection spreads in the community.

Source: Swedish Public Health Agency