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Podcasts and Music You Shouldn’t Miss This Fall – Here’s the Spotify News 2021

Spotify offers a series of music and news podcasts to look forward to this fall: exclusive studio recordings, among others, of Veronica Maggio and hip-hop sensations A36 and B. They’ll see the light of day in the coming weeks.

Photo: Spotify

Music and podcasts remain a very important source of entertainment, information and fun, and at Spotify we continue to strive to be the platform with the best experience and the strongest content. Autumn offers a number of unique recordings from our music studio and a number of new podcasts with some of the most interesting Swedish sounds of the moment, says Johan Seidfors, Director of Northern Content at Spotify.

Podcast writers, the podcast sitcom and the first Swedish podcast on Spotify

Together with comedian Philip Dyckman, Spotify is making the first Swedish podcast with video and with Margaux Dietz a unique podcast is being created based on the influencer’s upcoming debut novel. Edvin Törnblom plays one of the main roles when Spotify creates an all-new sitcom in podcast format, listener favorite Sekter and Spotify Dok return with more exciting stories and tragic lives – this fall with journalists Soraya Hashem and Jack Werner.

Spotify Podcast School

This fall, investment in new talent is also being invested with the launch of Welcome to the Island and Listen Girls, whose founders shared their podcast ideas and developed them at Spotify Sound Up’s podcast school during the year. Welcome to Al Jazeera, with future humor stars Fatma Hellgren Kamara and Ole Gelkin, and Hear Girls, by and with Melmo Ruba Kazim and Aya Said, both of which premiere next week.

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See all premieres below!

Today, you can hear all the trailers on your fall podcast news playlist.