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Postponed matches put pressure on Tottenham

Postponed matches put pressure on Tottenham

An already packed schedule could be more filling.

The Convention Association meeting with Ren has been postponed. This weekend’s meeting with Brighton too.

In addition, the team’s match against Burnley, which was scheduled to be played on November 28, will be scheduled when it was canceled due to snowstorms.

The next Tottenham game is played on December 16, then it follows a hectic schedule with five matches scheduled for twelve days.

Rin does not agree with the new date

Spurs also want the match against Rennes to be played on December 15, which according to UEFA rules must be played before December 31. the sun.

Rennes does not want to agree to the new match date when the team is in the UK and does not appreciate that the match has moved to first place. French club It refers, among other things, to the rules which states that the match must be played as long as there are at least 13 players and a goalkeeper available and it is unclear how many Spurs players have already been injured.

Leicester, Liverpool, West Ham, Crystal Palace and Southampton. Next, Watford wait for January 1. If the match against Rennes is also added, that means seven matches in 16 days.

After that, the match against Burnley and Brighton awaits new dates.