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Popular podcast maker Joe Rogan has been criticized for misinformation about vaccines

Popular podcast maker Joe Rogan has been criticized for misinformation about vaccines

It is not the first time that Joe Rogan’s statements have been criticized, and most recently in September he issued an apology for spreading false information about fires on the West Coast of the United States. This time, it is his statement about vaccines for young people that is attracting attention.

If you’re healthy, exercising all the time, you’re young, and eating well, I don’t think you need to worry about this, he says in his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience.

He talks about how his children contracted COVID-19 and that their symptoms were not serious. To parents who lost their child to COVID-19, he apologizes and continues:

I am not reducing it in any way, but I do say that my children’s experience with Covid disease was not my thing, he says.

The White House opposes the statement

The statement comes at a time when many young people have been admitted to hospitals in the United States due to Covid-19. In a press conference, President Joe Biden and the White House Coronavirus Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, Podcast Pass.

Vaccines themselves are about saving your life, but they’re also about saving the lives of the people around you, Joe Biden said at the press conference.

Other critical voices were raised. CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Jonathan Rayner believes that many young people are spreading the virus.

I hope it attracts new subscribers, but it has a pretty big platform and it’s really damaging, he says.

Spotify: “Removes content that violates our policy.”

The podcast was published on Spotify, as Joe Rogan entered into a contract worth $ 100 million. When asked about Joe Rogan’s statement on their platform, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek responded without specifically mentioning the podcast.

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What I’m going to say is we have eight million creators and hundreds of millions of hours of content. We have a content policy and remove the portions that violate it, he told Bloomberg.