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'Invincible' ready for another two seasons |  Movie Zain

‘Invincible’ ready for another two seasons | Movie Zain

It’s a good day for anyone who loves little-blooded and well-written superhero productions.

Amazon Prime Video Today confirmed that it has commissioned two more seasons of the popular TV series “Invincible”, written by Robert Kirkman (“The Walking Dead”). After a first acclaimed season almost unanimously, it is there after all On Bad review for just over fifty days Rotten tomatoes, So it came as no surprise that the bloody superhero series had another season.

But we are of course grateful that Amazon is now giving the creators of the series the opportunity to plan the next two seasons in the best possible way. For those who haven’t had time to get to know the “invincible” yet, the plot is based on Kirkman’s picture books of the same name. In the center is 17-year-old Mark Grayson (Stephen Yoon), the son of the most powerful superhero on our planet; Omni Man (JK Simmons). Through a whole host of unexpected twists and turns, we viewers see how Mark becomes the “invincible” superhero and begins to follow in his father’s mighty footsteps.

The feeling is a bit like an amalgamation of thinking Spider-Man is Superman’s son – and it was Quentin Tarantino who used an endless layer of blood, well-written characters and incredibly detailed science fiction (completely infinitely detailed) … to sew the best story possible … . It might sound too good to be true – and yes, some might not give the series a chance because it happens to be cartoonish. But we all rejoice!

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Season 1 delivered a very bloody and weeping finale.

Before the premiere of “Invincible,” MovieZine spoke to Kirkman about, among other things, what it is, according to himself, that makes his creativity stand out from the crowd of other superhero productions.

– “Invincible” has a wider world to explore than, say, “Watchmen” and “The Boys,” both of which are very cool TV series – but they also focus on a very specific story. We have a much wider focus and many different characters spread in very different places.

– Over time, I’m pretty sure Invincible will be able to take us on adventures and tell stories that would have required 20 Marvel movies in the MCU, until we get closer to the range and variety we’d like to offer in the same TV series. We will explore every corner of our world and every part of what it means to be a superhero in it. So, what defines us is, above all, the ability to do all of this.

The entire first season of “Invincible” is now available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. The first season consists of eight episodes.

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Have you had time to give “indomitable” another chance? Are you annoyed with the sequel? Feel free to comment below!