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Police released bail after accusations of murder

Police released bail after accusations of murder

The police who shot dead 20-year-old Don Wright was released on bail after her arrest Wednesday.

She is officially accused of second-degree manslaughter due to the fatal shooting, and was released on $ 100,000 bail, the equivalent of approximately $ 850,000.

The first hearing in the case will take place at 13:30 pm local time on Thursday.

Although we appreciate that the attorney general goes further in the matter with fairness A demonThe family’s lawyer, Wright, said, “No conviction can return the family to loved ones.” Ben Crump After police arrest.

Since Sunday’s deadly shooting, Minneapolis has been rocked once again by protests. For the fourth consecutive night, protesters and riot police clashed as darkness fell on Wednesday. Police fired tear gas to disperse protesters outside the Brooklyn Center police station, the suburb where Don Wright was shot dead.

The 20-year-old was driving his girlfriend in the Brooklyn Center on Sunday, when police stopped the car for a traffic offense and then discovered that Wright was wanted. During the intervention, riots broke out and shots were fired. Wright walked away wounded and crashed a few blocks away.

The police who shot Wright claimed that the shooting was an accident, and that she just happened to fire her service weapon when she was, in fact, going to use an electric shock weapon. The recordings released from the camera of her body seem to support this claim.

She and the police chief filed for dismissal, but the city administration had time before that to decide that they should be fired.

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