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Pewdiepie's Million Rain - YouTuber Gained So Much

Pewdiepie’s Million Rain – YouTuber Gained So Much

Felix Kjellberg, or Pewdiepie, of Gothenburg, has had a good pandemic year. At least in financial terms.

Recently published financial statements show that his holding company Pewdie Holdings made a profit of SEK 125 million in 2020, according to reports. break it. Revenue was 172 million Swedish kronor.

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Pewdiepie is the largest YouTuber in the world and currently has 110 million subscribers to her account. Not a single person has more subscribers.

He started his account in 2010 and initially commented on the action and horror games others played. Over time, the material has changed and today it focuses more on blog posts and humor.

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In addition to selling ads on Youtube, he raises money for his clothing brand Tsuki, which he owns with his wife Marzia Kjellberg.

According to Breakit, Pewdiepie now has around 350 million SEK in the company. He also has around SEK 100 million in various securities, such as stocks and bonds.

Felix Kjellberg is 31 years old and has been living in the UK for several years.

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