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MFF puts pressure on Rangers: ‘They are clearly the favourites’

An all-out 4-3 victory over HJK means Malmö FF is ready to play in the third round of the Champions League qualifying round. Now the Scottish champions are waiting for the Rangers, on 3/4 and 10 August.

– It’s great that we moved on. Now we have guaranteed European matches (the MFF can play group matches in the European League in two consecutive matches). It’s good to have that security. Then obviously we are going for the better, but we are happy that we will at least play in Europe this year, says captain Anders Kristiansen.

How do you see Rangers?
– I do not know. we will see. We focused on Helsinki. Then we’ll see with the Rangers. But it will be interesting to compete with the Scottish champion. They beat Celtic by a few points so it will be exciting to play against one of the best teams in the UK.

Are they automatically favored given their history and the size of their club?
– They should be. I don’t know Rangers at all, I only know who the coach is (Steven Gerrard), but of course they are the favourites. They play in a better league and have a better economy in every respect. It’s a bigger team. Christiansen replies that they are clearly favourite.

Midfielder Franz Brorsson vs Rangers:

– It’s going to be fun, and I hope we can have a really good atmosphere after that. A very difficult match and we are now a bit underpowered. I don’t think a lot of people will believe we’re going to go ahead, but I think they’ll be two pretty close matches.

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Ten years ago, the MFF team beat Rangers in the Champions League qualifiers, matches that Brorsson remembers.

– Maybe they have a better team now, but nothing is impossible.

Back teammate Anil Akhmedodzic is looking to benchmark himself against what he believes to be a physical team.

– It’s going to be tough. Tough team. It’s a Scottish team, so they play hard. It would be fun to get some meat, Ahmet Hodzic says and smiles.

When people look from the outside, they might say Rangers are the favourites, but in my opinion we can win.

Are you still in MFF for these matches?
– Now I play in MFF. I take it as it comes. I enjoy every second I’m here. I don’t have pressure.

Recently, the midfielder’s agent, Marcus Rosenberg, said that he had a dialogue with first-division clubs Napoli and Atalanta. And Ahmetodzic realizes that there is talk and negotiations now.

– Everything is going on behind the scenes, but I’m used to it. I take it as it comes and I enjoy being here. I’m focused on doing my best here and winning every match with MFF. There are a lot of matches now so I don’t have time to focus on everything else.

– We play so many games that I get very tired, so the only thing I do is be at home and sleep and then play PS5, so the game will be again the next day. He is feverish. But it’s fun. This is how you want as a footballer.