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Peter Molyneux is working on a new game - with NFT and blockchains

Peter Molyneux is working on a new game – with NFT and blockchains

Peter Molyneux has been responsible for a number of incredibly memorable games, such as mythAnd dungeon guardAnd black and white And densely populated. But he also misled players with his lavish descriptions of things that then weren’t there in the games. His latest game studio, 22Cans, hasn’t directly produced anything reputable.

Now they’re on the move again, and this time they’ll be collecting toys with NFT: s and blockchains. The game in question is called legacy And describe it as:

…the dream of a creative entrepreneur came true, and a chance for players to build their own business, design their own products from a wealth of possibilities as they create a business empire like the world has never seen before.

It’s all about using thousands of different parts of the game to design and manufacture products, thus competing (and doing business) with other players. At the same time, you can also develop and expand your own city, and the end result is that you should be able to make real money from your game.

This is related to the Legacycoin cryptocurrency, the idea is that people must buy land in the game, start a “trade association” and then lend Legacy keys to other players who do not have a trade association, which means that you get their share of Legacycoins that they earn by winning challenges and activities similar. All this brings to mind the ideas of a particular triangular building.

The game will be released sometime next year for PC and Mac, but land sales have already started [chockad animé-flämtning här].

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