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Perhaps we will soon have to distance ourselves from the European Union entirely Viktor Barth Krohn

Perhaps we will soon have to distance ourselves from the European Union entirely Viktor Barth Krohn

Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson (centre) and Democratic Party leader Eba Bosch received Ursula von der Leyen, EU president, who visited the Swedish forests outside Knivesta on Monday.

Photo: Frederick Sandberg/TT

The Sweden Democrats want to create a unified right-wing majority in the EU Parliament, even if this means cooperating with more pro-Russian parties on certain issues. But the left is angry about this Ebba Bush (KD) is believed to be SD You have a point. Although maybe Still no.

Ulf Kristersson (man) wants Collaboration with both S and SDbut get the usual barking from both ways.

At least the Social Democrats, the Center Party and the Liberals are partly running campaigns simultaneously where their main goal is cooperation in the EU center and against populism. He writes.

It is of course important who cooperates and with whom in Brussels and Strasbourg, but the amount of oxygen consumed by this “government issue” is not at all without problems.

You cannot isolate Italy or France from the European Union without abandoning the project at the same time

First, the European Union does not have a government. The forms of cooperation in the European Parliament are more complex than any Swedish agreement and the debate on the topic becomes as we saw when Ulf Kristersson And Magdalena Anderson Meet the agenda On this topic, easily a fairly long seminar.

Second, the European Union consists of 27 different countries, with several hundred parties competing for mandates.

While most voting Swedes have a basic idea of ​​what the Sweden Democrats and the Left Party stand for and stand for, few have a solid understanding of the difference between Austrian and Flemish right-wing populism, for example.

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The third objection is that the whole thing becomes a bit cosmetic.

Marine Le Pen The French National Assembly will likely gain more seats in the European Parliament than all Swedish parties combined.

Within three years, Le Pen could become president of the republic, regardless of whether the Center Party is allowed to retain a mandate in Brussels or not.

The Italian contribution to the far-right pile becomes greater. Here is the nationalist Georgia Meloni Already a prime minister, though Karen Carlsbrough (L) He stood firmly in the middle for five years.

It is not intended (only) to work with small supported Swedish parties – that is rather centralised.

The European Union is a cooperation between 27 countries and their governments. Parliament certainly plays an important role, but in the long term European cooperation is what European countries choose to achieve.

You can isolate the Sweden Democrats or the Left Party from power in Parliament if you want, but you cannot isolate Italy or France from the EU without closing the project at the same time.

Apparently you can't even quarantine the noisy, pro-Moscow Hungary.

In theory and rhetoric, the EU is a club of countries with shared values. In practice, this is often a type of condominium association, where people who happen to be neighbors try to solve common problems. Although they have different priorities and may not like each other.

Anyone who takes distance as the basis of his positive EU policy therefore risks ending up in a rather difficult position.

Preserving the borders with the European Union, as the Center Party would have phrased it.

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Viktor Barth-Krone is a political commentator at Expressen.