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PDL merges with Padel United - they form the world's largest Padel player

PDL merges with Padel United – they form the world’s largest Padel player

The PDL Group became part of Padel United, which thus became the largest player in the world in Padel.
We are very proud of the merger between PDL and Padel United. We complement each other well in Sweden and we have a common vision for investment to be made in large parts of the world,” says Markus Hellqvist, Co-Founder of Padel United.

Since the company’s founding in 2018, Padel United has operated according to the motto of “Sweden’s biggest paddle core” with the goal of making the sport more accessible. With the merger with the PDL, this was achieved, the number of Swedish rowing halls was written to 90; From Haparanda in the north to Trelleborg in the south. In total, the merger means that the total number of halls is 118 and another 30 facilities will open in the near future. PDL was founded in 2015 by Jonas Andersson, Henrik Söderberg, Jonas Björkman and Måns Zelmerlöw and from the outset has been a strong contributor to the racket’s influence in Sweden.

– PDL is a strong brand and we complement each other very well because PDL is strong in areas where we didn’t have a presence previously. Purely sports, says Marcus Hellqvist, means new great opportunities, not least around a nationwide league match with joint playoffs and exchanges between cities and regions.

– With the merger, we see a very exciting future. Together we will be stronger and we will lead the development of the sport to new levels, in Sweden and internationally. We want to give more people the opportunity to experience this wonderful sport, says Jonas Anderson.

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– Padel United has done a very good job and we are now looking to be able to combine our ability and expertise between companies and thus be able to drive development and incorporation faster, says Henrik Söderberg.

About Padel United

Padel United was founded in 2018 by brothers Marcus and Rijkaard Hellqvist. In 2021, Padel United merged with Padelverket, Padel Crew, Padel Center, Padel Royale, Actionpadel, Court1, Go Padel UK (UK), Ultimate Padel, Padel House (Finland) and Padel Park (Finland). There is a clear goal of making the racket available to everyone, improving the quality of the halls and developing the game further. At present, Padel United operates about 50 facilities. Here you can read more about Padel United:

About PDL . Group

PDL was founded in 2015 by Måns Zelmerlöw, Jonas Björkman, Jonas Andersson and Henrik Söderberg who have all committed themselves to the great sport of kayaking. With the aim of taking the sport to new heights, PDL works daily to deliver engaging racket experiences. PDL’s mission is to make people happier, healthier, and perform better – both on and off the track. As one of the most popular sports in the world, racket is a great product with great development potential. PDL Group has 75 rowing centers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Switzerland. Here you can read more about the PDL:


Padel United and its principal owners have been advised by DLA Piper, PwC and PDL Group and the principal owners have been notified by Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ), Vinge and Delphi in connection with the transaction.

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