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Palma airport closed after floods |  the world

Palma airport closed after floods | the world

Yellow warnings were issued during the afternoon in Palma. Hence the storm must have moved over the southern part of the island.

According to Dagbladet, large parts of the runways should be completely submerged in water. Norwegian authorities told the newspaper that major delays are expected.

Later in the afternoon, local authorities announced the reopening of the airport. However, warnings remain in place until at least 9pm this evening Mallorca Daily Bulletin.

Linda Lindorff: “Water is everywhere”

Farmer looking for a wife profile Linda Lindorff has seen the chaos with her own eyes.

“I was about to get stuck in Malise when torrential rain created chaos at the airport. This clip initially then disintegrated and was flooded. she writes on Instagram.

“Water was flowing everywhere and cars were driving in meters deep water. The heavens opened! Crazy.”

Swedish Reign with her family at the airport.

“There are a lot of people, and they are very confused when all the flights leave,” he says.

-We don't know if our flight will leave or not. We can only hope.

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