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Overseas Week in Studio DN: DN’s reporters about infection prices

Overseas Week in Studio DN: DN’s reporters about infection prices

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Beyond the most obvious victims of the virus outbreak – the dead in the SARS-Cove-2 packages – there are profound and far-reaching implications for communities around the world. In many developing countries, vaccines against other diseases have been reversed. This led to more deaths, not least, says Eric Esbornson, who defended Africa from Johannesburg:

– We have so much time These countries have been waiting to gain momentum and economies, and now it will not happen for some time. In my view that is the great tragedy.

The DN team discusses how the world should deal with the various side effects of the epidemic.

In countries around the world, it is estimated that more than one billion school children are affected by distance education and closed schools, and 100 million children are at risk of failing to reach the minimum level of education, according to the UN. Damages that take many years to repair:

– A great investment Need, and one has begun to believe it. If students in the Western world miss an average of six months of schooling – you have to look at what it costs and invest close to that level? But these are huge sums that you have not approached, says Katrin Marial, an employee of DN in the UK.

In this section you will also hear about how women have been severely affected by closed societies, how inequality between countries has been affected by the epidemic – and how the epidemic has been exploited by political leaders. Shadow projects.

Participants: Kathryn Marial, a staff member in the United Kingdom, Eric Esbornson, a reporter in Africa, Eric de la Regura, a reporter in Paris, and Henrik Brando Johnson, a reporter in Latin America. Host: Sanna Doran Jarling.

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