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Britain shocks Sweden with illegal targeting

Britain shocks Sweden with illegal targeting

Sweden were forced to win against Great Britain.

They ended up being a disadvantage after at least eight minutes of a strange situation in the first period.

Liam Kirk threw towards the goal, while British forward Brendan Connolly slipped on the ice and went straight into Victor Fast with his legs.

Target Rejected After a long video review, the target was approved.

– It was threatening when they took so long. But if it weren’t for the Goldtender interruption, says Jonas Anderson on SVD.

In a video from the SVT broadcast, Sweden captain Henrik Demmernes says the referee is encouraging the goal and that the buck is over the limit before getting the fast player.

Something indistinguishable from TV movies.

“Judges are wrong in meaning”

Connolly was dealt with by Fossil by Ricard Raquel, so the referee also gave the impression that nothing could be done.

But experts in SVD’s studio disagree.

– Judges are wrong in meaning. They say he could do nothing. But he can stop it, he can stop it. He looks for Raquel, who then lies on top of the club to make it look like he’s being kicked out, and he doesn’t do much to stay, says Michael Renberg: Continuing:

– You need to know one thing, hockey players can be deceived by something very bad. It is clear, he is looking for Ragal.

He is supported by Daniel Rahimi:

– I think it is clear that he can avoid that situation, you have to do it without giving respect to the goalkeeper.

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With five minutes left in the first period, Marcus Sorensen tied the game at 1-1.

The competition is ongoing.