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Over 2000 Steam Deck titles are now 'Verified' or 'Playable' -

Over 2000 Steam Deck titles are now ‘Verified’ or ‘Playable’ –

The Steam Deck itself is quite impressive, as we already noted this spring reviewHowever, compatibility and how developers make sure their game works as intended on Linux has proven to be a challenge.

But fortunately, development is progressing. Valve is still reviewing the entire Steam game library to make sure everything is working correctly, so they have open That there are already over 2,000 “verified” or “playable” games now:

“In just one month, we’ve hit a milestone with 2,000 games now officially Verified Deck or Playable. It has been exciting to see the variety of games being played by the community – new or old, big or small, every genre – seemingly as if Players had a lot of fun on deck. We will continue to ship through the Steam catalog and can’t wait to share our next big achievement here. We also listen carefully to customer feedback in this area, as we want to make sure Deck Verified does its job. To that end We added a feedback feature that allows customers to indicate whether or not they agree with the verified rating of each title.”

In addition, they are making headway with Anti-Cheat, which currently makes many multiplayer titles with online requirements unavailable on Steam Deck.

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