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Oscar winner Emerald Fennel: 'I wanted to make a revenge movie'

Oscar winner Emerald Fennel: ‘I wanted to make a revenge movie’

I wanted to make a revenge movie, a movie about anger and disappointment from a female perspective. We often watch this type of movie, but I’ve never seen a completely original movie. So I wanted to test if I could eat the cake and keep it, says Emerald Fennel with a laugh.

Emerald Fennel is perhaps best known to many because he played Camilla Parker Bowles in The Crown. She was also one of the producers behind the popular series Killing Eve. The Promising Young Woman is her directorial debut and debut feature film. The inspiration comes from her upbringing in England.

I thought a lot about the culture I grew up in where such things were perfectly normal, it might be like the end of a joke!

Signed up in 23 days

The main role was played by Carey Mulligan, who was nominated for an Academy Award and nominated for a Golden Globe for her role. The role is tough, but when Carey Mulligan portrayed the character, she started out of warmth and friendship.

She loves her loved ones so much that she can’t stand the thought of someone hurting them without being held accountable. Everyone around her wants her to move on with her life. Carey Mulligan says she wants to keep fighting until justice is served.

The movie was shot in just 23 days, and for Emerald Fennel it was a real challenge because she was also very pregnant.

– We knew if we released a scene, we’d never get another chance. It was exciting and challenging. But at the same time, it was very satisfying, says Emerald Fennell and smiles.

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Promising Young Woman premieres May 21.