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Tomma biostolar och en porträttbild på kulturnytts reporter Joakim Silverdal.

It helps you endure abstinence in the cinema – Kulturnytt in P1

Hello Joachim Silverdahl, Correspondent at the Cultural Editorial Office! I’ve put together a list of 100 movies to look forward to in 2021. If you pick just three – which ones are you sure to watch this year?

What a difficult question! When it comes to big-budget movies, I have to say Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi adventure “Dune”, according to the trailer, looks as good as it gets. Chloe Zhao’s “Nomadland” (and a pre-nominated Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards) sounds like the kind of heartbreaking movie I need right now. Then the third? Terrence Mallick’s new movie on Jesus “The Way of the Wind” I’m also very excited about.

It’s a pandemic and most cinemas are closed. Will we really be able to watch all these movies?

Of course, we can’t be completely sure. Even in a year without a pandemic, things could happen that would make the movie’s premiere have to be postponed, but all the films have been submitted on various occasions as films of 2021.

What are your top tips to calm your vital withdrawal?

Sitting near the TV? No, but be sure to put your cell phone in another room, pick up your favorite snack, sit on the couch and find a new and unexpected movie, which you see from start to finish, without pausing to google/pee/clean/night/dishwash.

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