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Osaka press announced - can be rejected in Paris

Osaka press announced – can be rejected in Paris

On Wednesday, Naomi Osaka announced that she would not be attending any press conferences during the French Tennis Championships in Paris.

Said and finished – no press conference after the victory.

World No. 2 was thus fined a maximum of $ 20,000, or 165,000 kroner. In addition, the governing body of four Grand Slam tournaments is now threatening to be excluded from world runner-up competitions.

In addition, he will be barred from future Grand Slams.

“As expected, repeated violations can lead to severe penalties, which include disqualification from the tournament,” the Grand Slam Tournament Board said in a statement.

After all, he answered some questions in the sunlight inside the center court Philip-Chatterjee, but said nothing about the neglect.

Osaka, who won the women’s singles event at the Australian Open in Hartcourt, Melbourne in February, congratulated World Mothers on Mother’s Day and was then asked how to develop her game on gravel.

– This is ongoing work. “If I play in more tournaments, I hope I get better,” Osaka said on Eurosport’s television broadcast.

In the second round, the Japanese runner-up, who is a runner-up, will face another Romanian opponent, 102nd-seeded Ana Bocaton, who defeated Italian qualifier Elizabetta Cocchiarto in straight sets (6-1, 6-3).

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