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Open World plans for Metroid Prime 3 canceled for Wii

Open World plans for Metroid Prime 3 canceled for Wii

Former Retro Studios Developers Reveal.

after two years Metroid Primes To Gamecube, Retro Studios initially had new plans for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption to Wii. A less linear story set in a more open world, which Samus Aran has been exploring via his spaceship. This was revealed by Brian Walker, who was a prominent producer of the second and third, in an interview with kiwi talks. You can explore to some extent, but ambitions have been reduced.

There was also an open world that was less linear than he was suggesting and the team was excited about it. We weren’t able to prototype a lot of those because they were really big. We have some prototype ships, but the open world was much bigger.

Walker suggests that it was the Wii’s specifications that forced Retro Studios to rethink. They never succeeded in realizing these plans, because they were simply too broad.

Before they got the black and white numbers, the team looked at what the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 had to offer.

We knew what the Xbox 360 would get, we knew what the PS3 would get and the initial specs we were looking for for the Wii weren’t competitive from a hardware and memory standpoint…

Walker says the situation was a bit worrisome at Retro Studios, but it’s been changed in unison “Ah! Ok” When the Wii Remote was finally introduced. rumors about Metroid PrimeThe Switch game trilogy keeps spinning year after year, but we’re clearly getting by Metroid dread Friday. And Metroid Prime 4…? Well, it’s back in both Retro Studios and the drawing board in early 2019.

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