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Elden Ring is in the last stages of its development and is 'very difficult'

Elden Ring is in the last stages of its development and is ‘very difficult’

But we will not be forced to perform missions in the game.

In addition to some shots On Twitter, Fromsoftware has been very quiet about elden ring. Now have a short chat with them Famitsu, but since it is in Japanese, we have to rely on machine translation from our friends reddit.

In the interview, Fromsoftware’s Yasuhiro Kitao said that development is now in its final stages and that they are working on it in silence. He also said that the game world has a completely different structure and that we can expect to see things we haven’t seen in previous games. To make us roam the big world, we have horses that, in addition to cooing very quickly, can also double jump. Battles can also be fought from horseback, which is recommended if you’re fighting a dragon, for example, but not useful if you’re fighting many enemies.

But even if the gaming world was large, they did not fill it with “state mappings”. Instead, we have to decide for ourselves where we want to go, among other things with the help of the parts of the map that we find in the world. These can not only help us find the large dungeons in which the main bosses are lurking, but also the small and medium-sized variants.

An important element of Fromsoftware is of course the degree of difficulty, and Kitao confirms this elden ring It’s going to be “very hard”, because that’s what makes players feel like they’ve really succeeded in something. However, as is well known, we will be able to get help from various summoned spirits, and we will also be able to infiltrate and assassinate as in Axe.

Released January 21, 2022 elden ring For PC, Playstation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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