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One in 15 people in London was diagnosed with Govt-19 last week

One in 15 people in London was diagnosed with Govt-19 last week

Last week, the day before Christmas Eve ended on December 23rd, figures from the National Bureau of Statistics showed that the Omigron variant continued to fuel the spread of the epidemic in the UK.

The figures are based on random samples and last week 4 per cent of English people were infected with Govt-19, with about 2,024,700 English, The Guardian reported.

“The highest infection rates were found in London, where one in 15 had a positive test, and the lowest in the Northeast of the UK, where one in 45 had tested positive for Covit-19,” the report said.

“Omikron is now the dominant variant”

In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the prevalence of the disease has increased and there is an epidemic in 40 countries.

Omigron mutation now dominates many countries.

– Omigron is now the dominant variant in both England and Scotland, and has grown rapidly in both Northern Ireland and Wales. We have also seen the presence of infections in people of all ages, and the prevalence of the disease is high among school-age children and adolescents, says Sarah Krafts, lead researcher in the sample survey.

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