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Heat wave across Europe - Temperatures recorded in London

Heat wave across Europe – Temperatures recorded in London

In most parts of Europe, temperatures will be higher than usual at this time of year.

– It is the southern wind from Africa and the Azores located in Central and Western Europe. In Central Europe, it’s ten degrees warmer than usual, says SVT’s meteorologist Tina Bajik.

Heat record in the UK

Preliminary figures show 16.2 degrees Celsius on New Year’s Day in central London. It is measured as the hottest New Year’s day. The previous record, 15.6 degrees, was measured at Cornwall in 1916.

Even on New Year’s Day it was very hot in the UK. Temperatures reached 16.5 degrees in North Wales and 15.8 degrees in Somerset and Cheshire. But the hot air in Britain is expected to remain only for a few more days.

Is in southern Europe

Extreme heat may have been reported in France last week. Normally the average temperature is 5 degrees, but in the last week of 2021 the thermometer rose to 10.5 degrees.

According to the French weather service Météo France, Christmas and New Year 2021 may be the hottest after 2021 1947.

But the mild weather will soon disappear.

– It is hotter than normal but it is only for two days. Tina Bajik says low pressure will ease early next week, but will remain in southern Europe.

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