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Ockelboskoter decorates exclusive Christmas banners in London

Ockelboskoter decorates exclusive Christmas banners in London

Old Ockelbo cult machines seem to be getting more popular and more appreciated as time goes on. On London’s exclusive Savile Row shopping street, Richard James, one of London’s most famous tailors, shoots Christmas banners in a wintry scene with an authentic old Ockelbo 300 in the middle.

How can this be possible now when only a few snowmobiles have ever been sold United kingdom It has a logical explanation as there is indeed Ockelbo’s connection to the English capital.

Swedish by birth Stefan Forenbrink Who has been working in the exclusive tailor for several years Richard James, spent a lot of time in Okelbo In younger years then his mother Anna Venker Lang I found love in Ockelbobon Sun Lang. One of Sune’s great hobbies was snowboarding and it was of course something that young Stefan quickly learned to appreciate.

– When Stefan was younger, I had one Okilbo 6000 Who learned to drive on, says Sune, who drives himself today بنفسه Okilbo 600.

Stefan works as a tailor consultant at Richard James and they have made costumes for greats like Liam Gallagher, Robert Downey Jr And the David Beckham.

“There are a lot of people who have stopped, looked, and photographed the signs,” says Stefan, so it’s really fun to share Ockelbo’s little story here at London.

Mikael Olson Who runs the history of Ockelbo snowmobiles and boats and works with the in-house brand in Ockelbo, is really pleased with this sign.

– I was incredibly happy and liked when I saw these pictures, says Mikael. I only know that there are three snowmobiles in total in the entire UK today. Stefan said the banners will run until New Year’s and that they have rented a snowmobile from a company that specializes in renting cult objects for film and television productions above all else. This snowmobile will also be part of a brand new series of BBC/HBO name of thingIts dark matter“.

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The snowmobile used in the Christmas banners is one of the last 300 classic models that began manufacturing in 1967 and was formerly called “the touristThe scooter that lights up now Savile grade She is one of the latest models from the mid-70s and has the model designation 300 Where the letter S stands for “Short”. Yes, there was one 300 liters Also.

Ohm Savel Rog
It is a shorter street in Mayfair in the City of Westminster district of central London and runs parallel to Regent Street. Known since the early 19th century as the most popular title for tailors of exclusive menswear, especially tailored suits.

For more information on Ockelbo snowmobiles and boats, see:

Michael Olson: 070-551 35 92
[email protected]

Read about the banners on Richard James’ website

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Snowmobile with different angle
Mikael Olsson at home in Winter landscape in Ockelbo on Ockelbo 600