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Nykvarn Municipality Wanted: Three-Meter Snake on the Loose | Sweden

Nykvarn Municipality Wanted: Three-Meter Snake on the Loose | Sweden

A black snake with a green pattern was spotted in Folkets Park and in Ørspilsvågen, according to a search notice from the municipality of Nykvarn published on Friday which said: that He was the first to tell about it.

The snake is said to be about three metres long and as thick as an arm.

“We received a call yesterday from someone who told us they had seen a three-metre-long snake,” office manager Karina Brown in the Nykvarn municipality told LT.

On Friday, police, security coordinators and the county administrative council were activated. The dispatcher went to the site to see if the snake could be located, but found nothing. The after-school center at Bjorkista School and the nearby Talbakken Preschool were notified.

Karina Brown says they can't confirm the information the guide provided, but the coordinator received “a standard description of the snake and exactly where it was.”

“If everything is right and we do nothing, it's worse,” Karina Brown tells LT.

In its appeal, the municipality asks the potential owner to contact the police's lost property department.

However, the municipality does not rule out that it is a wild snake. The district administrative council asked the municipality to post a wanted notice on Facebook.

“We were a little hesitant. You don’t want to scare people, I’m afraid of snakes myself. It’s a trade-off,” Karina Brown tells LT.

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