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Now: Finland has secured security

Now: Finland has secured security

Now: Finland has secured security

Many heavyweight NATO countries have issued Finnish security assurances regarding possible application to the military alliance.

This was revealed at a press conference with officials of the Finnish Foreign Ministry and the Association of Political Journalists on Thursday, the Swedish Yle reported.

Nuclear powers are responsible for guarantees

Swedish Yle reports that Finland’s security has been guaranteed by Britain, France and the United States, three of NATO’s nuclear powers.

Finland is said to have pledged security guarantees during the German application process.

Officials did not specify exactly what the security guarantees would be.

Lightning Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčNegotiation Process

However, officials say the Finnish application process will be expedited. Negotiations will begin at short notice and the process is expected to be very short.

Swedish Yle said talks could be completed in two days.

Sweden and security guarantees

In Aktuellt on Wednesday, Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Linde (S) said during Sweden’s NATO application that the United States was ready to provide Sweden with “various types of security insurance.”

“Security Insurances” apply from the time Sweden submits an application until it is approved and are covered by Sweden’s Security Guarantees based on NATO’s Article Five.

– Of course, I will not go into details, but I feel very confident that we have an American commitment. However, firm security is not guaranteed. You can only get it as a full member of NATO, Ann Linde told SVT.

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