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Now: Fighting in Russia

Now: Fighting in Russia

Now: Fighting in Russia

A paramilitary group supporting Ukraine has crossed the Russian border.

Fighting is currently taking place in the Belgorod region, located in western Russia.

According to what was reported by British Sky News.

The group that carried out the attack calls itself the “Russian Freedom Corps,” and its members are ethnic Russians fighting in solidarity with Ukraine against the oppression of Putin’s regime.

The group stated in a message on Telegram that it had entered the Russian region.

– Currently, the Russian Freedom Corps is conducting offensive operations in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation.

– No soldier was killed or wounded. Everything is going according to plan.

Promise to continue

In a separate post, the paramilitary group wrote that it would continue to “liberate Russia from Putin’s filth.”

– There are ongoing battles. We will return with more details.

– For Russia! For freedom!

He’s been attacked before

This is not the first time the group has crossed the Russian border.

In May, the Russian Freedom Corps and another guerrilla group launched an offensive in the Belgorod region.

They had about ten military and armored vehicles with them.

The groups were able to seize a border point and several villages. It took several hours before the Russian army was able to respond.

Objective: Capture the regional capital

A Russian citizen who participated in the raid spoke about the course of events in an interview with Novaya Gazeta newspaper.

In the interview at the end of May, he promised the group’s return.

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-We learn all the time and become stronger. He added: “We will improve and organize new raids,” indicating a clear goal for the upcoming raid on Russian territory.

– We want to occupy the regional capital, Belgorod.

-More people will want to join. Lining up. We’re getting more requests all the time, because we’re not just a marginalized group. We are well trained, well prepared and heavily armed. “We have a lot of support,” the soldier told Novaya Gazeta.

Photo: Philip Andreevich or President of Russia

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